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The best girls' zero basic fitness program

Now, with the more and more open concept, fitness is no longer the patent of boys. Many girls also want to be slim and have a good-looking figure, so that they will not only look good, but also be healthier and healthier. However, girls may not know as much about sports as boys. Therefore, before sports, we should read more common sense and enrich it, Exercise again will have a better effect. Today I will share a zero basic fitness plan for you. I hope all girls can like it.

Aerobic exercise

Do aerobic exercise

Many girls want to keep fit. The first is to lose weight. The second is to practice big long legs and peach hips. No matter which one they want to achieve, they need to do aerobic exercise first, appropriately reduce their body fat rate and enhance their physique. Now many girls work in front of the computer for a long time, and their physical strength may not be very good. Aerobic exercise is usually gentle and suitable for zero basic introductory exercises, such as jogging or swimming. It can not only give the body an adaptation period, but also effectively burn fat and make the lines better.

Lift the iron properly

When it comes to lifting iron, many girls will be particularly repelled. They think that only boys who want to practice muscle will try their best to lift iron. This idea is right, because lifting iron is indeed a good way to increase muscle for boys, but girls don't have to worry, because muscle growth is positively related to testosterone, The level of testosterone in boys is much higher than that in girls. Girls will not grow muscles if they lift iron properly. They will also optimize their lines and make their clothes more slender.

Keep up with stretching

In addition to aerobic exercise and iron lifting, girls can also do stretching exercise, because muscles are easy to ache after exercise, relax poorly, and feel uncomfortable all over. Therefore, after exercise, especially high-intensity exercise, it's best to do some soft yoga movements, or prepare well before jogging.



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