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Girls' fitness schedule for one week and three weeks

Many people may like fitness very much, but they are busy at work. They may not have much energy and time to go to the gym, and they can't spare much time at home. In fact, there's no need to worry, because even if the purpose is to increase muscle, they also need to rest properly, and the effect will be better. Therefore, it's OK to practice three times a week. Here's a fitness schedule for you, I hope you can exercise according to your actual situation and have an enviable good figure.

Stretching motion

Stretching motion

In fact, on Monday, everyone has to be busy at work. After a busy day, they will be very tired. Even after work, they just want to have a good rest. Therefore, it is not suitable to arrange sports with too much intensity to increase everyone's sense of fatigue. So you can do some stretching on Monday. You can do some simple yoga at home, or go to the gym to swing the battle rope. You can do exercise skills and flexibility, so that your muscles and ligaments can be relaxed and you are not in a hurry for high-intensity exercise.

Anaerobic exercise

If you don't feel tired after exercise on Monday, you can start anaerobic exercise on Tuesday. If you feel tired, you can rest for a day on Tuesday and start again on Wednesday. In terms of anaerobic exercise, you can carry out dumbbell and barbell training with appropriate intensity. In terms of lower limbs, you can also do some activities such as squatting to stimulate muscles, Increase muscle circumference. Of course, it is within the acceptable range of the body, and then rest on Wednesday. If you start again on Wednesday, rest on Thursday. After anaerobic exercise, you must rest for a day. If you don't rest, it will affect the recovery of muscles, and the effect is not very good.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is generally arranged on Wednesday or Friday, because it belongs to the end of the week. You can appropriately increase the exercise time. If you can, you can jog or stretch outdoors. If you can go to the gym, you can ride a bike or use a treadmill in the gym. You can also go swimming, which is also very fat reducing and slimming.



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