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Youth physical fitness training program Elite Edition

It has to be admitted that people's physical fitness is different at different ages, so the physical fitness training plans for children, children and teenagers are certainly different. When teenagers are young, their bodies basically begin to develop again, and their functions have reached a small peak, and the acceptable intensity is higher, but they should also follow certain rules, and the intensity should not be too high, Now let's share a fitness training plan for teenagers.

Physical training

Plan 1: motor skills

Compared with children, the physical function of teenagers has been improved to a great extent. Some systematic and standardized training can be carried out. In these training, the most important thing is to improve motor skills. In other words, let them master certain skilled movements, be more professional as far as possible, and learn standardized sports methods. For example, no matter what sports, they should do according to the standard paradigm, and the purpose of these sports should mainly focus on exercising their balance and coordination.

Plan 2: ball games

Teenagers have strong social needs, and physical training is also a way to meet their social needs. For example, they can master some ball games, learn to cooperate, allocate and give full play to their strengths, especially some ball games with a large number of teams, such as basketball, football and volleyball. Of course, they can also appropriately add some activities such as badminton and tennis, If possible, you can also try football. They can not only exercise teenagers' endurance, but also improve their explosive power, which is of great help to the improvement of their overall ability.

Plan 3: safety first

In the youth physical training program, a very important point is to let them learn how to protect themselves. This can be understood as how to exercise is more reasonable, the least vulnerable way, and how to deal with accidents. Of course, we should also pay attention to psychological counseling. Some children like to be brave and easy to hurt themselves.



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