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The most effective physical training program

Many people's understanding of fitness is very simple. They think that fitness has only these functions, either shaping, or increasing muscle, or reducing fat, but the benefits of fitness are more important, which are reflected in the internal and invisible benefits of the body, such as the improvement of physical fitness. Physical fitness is important for both children and adults. Good physical fitness is a wealth that can accompany one's life. Let's share a physical training plan. I hope you can like it.

Physical training

Step 1: enhance endurance

The first step of the physical training plan is to enhance endurance. If the endurance is not qualified, many fitness actions can't be done, and the physique can't keep up. To enhance endurance, you can try aerobic exercise such as jogging. You can run in the morning when you have time, run at night when you have time, and swim when you have swimming conditions. Swimming has a strong soothing effect on joints and is difficult to cause sports damage to the body. The most important thing is to effectively enhance muscle endurance and physique.

Step 2: increase strength

The second step in the physical training program is to increase muscle strength. If a person is thin and weak and lacks strength, he must not be able to carry out in-depth fitness. If you want to increase your strength, for beginners, you can do self weight training without using too complex equipment. Do some basic actions such as flat support, push ups and pull-up, so as to effectively mobilize the muscles of the body and let them get used to the rhythm of movement. After making progress, start training such as iron lifting.

Step 3: exercise flexibility

The third step of the physical training plan is to exercise the flexibility of the body. Although flexibility is invisible and untouchable, and it can not be shown to others like strength to surprise and envy others, it is not only good for the body, but also an important manifestation of physical fitness. Flexibility can avoid damage during exercise.



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