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Do you need to eat protein powder before or after fitness

Many bodybuilders are very self disciplined in diet and exercise, especially in diet. They pay more attention to the nutrients and calories of some foods. Protein powder is one of the supplements that many fitness people often eat. There is also some time to pay attention to eating protein powder. So do you think protein powder should be eaten before or after fitness? Let's go and have a look!

Do you eat protein powder before or after exercise

It's better to eat protein powder before or after fitness

Drink better after fitness. Generally speaking, for fitness people who need to supplement protein by drinking protein powder, the golden time for eating protein powder is 30-40 minutes after fitness, because high-intensity exercise will consume muscle protein, which is unfavorable to muscles, so it must be supplemented in time after exercise. Moreover, drinking egg white powder has the best absorption effect during this period, which can not only ensure that muscles will not be damaged due to insufficient protein, It can also help the recovery and regrowth of muscle fibers, which has the best effect on muscle growth. In addition, you can also drink some protein powder before going to bed, because sleep is the best time for muscle growth. Eating some protein powder before going to bed can not only supplement the consumption of daytime fitness training, help muscle growth, but also ensure high-quality sleep.

Do you eat protein powder before or after exercise

Do you need protein powder for fitness

Look at the purpose of fitness. Protein powder is not a necessity during fitness. People who supplement enough protein in their food can not eat protein powder. As long as they want to strengthen their body and lose weight and increase muscle properly, they don't have to eat protein powder. However, it's like heavy muscle exercise, trying to get big Bodybuilding muscle men or fitness people who do not have enough protein food in their daily diet need to eat protein powder.

Function of eating protein powder during fitness

An experiment found that 6G of essential amino acids combined with 35g of sugar can increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis to 3.5 times after exercise. Although in general, protein does not directly participate in energy supply, when you exercise for more than 30 minutes, the glycogen reserve and decomposition in your body are not enough to maintain the energy required for exercise. At this time, protein participates in energy supply. Protein intake during exercise significantly improves the level of exercise endurance. Therefore, before fitness, pour 1-2 tablespoons of protein powder into your fitness shaking cup, and then buy a bottle of sports drink. After sweating slightly after 20 minutes of exercise, pour the sports drink into the fitness cup, shake well, and then drink slowly.



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