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Had to have a protein shaker bottle.

I drink soylent every day and use a mixing bottle for a while. The problem with the mixing bottle is that the protein shaker bottle does not mix well or sticks in the mixing ball. Seeing this, I have to have a protein shaker bottle. I did make a mistake of trying to make a soylent like in a mixing bottle, but the bottle is not suitable for this equipment. The protein shaker bottle only changed at the bottom. I found that the best way is to add water, start mixing, and then slowly add the powder to prevent the protein shaker bottle from sticking at the bottom.

It is impossible to mix protein powder into milk or water. If you like to drink 240 milliliters of milk and two scoops of whey protein powder like me, then when you add the second scoop of milk powder, you will notice a slower rotation speed. You need to perform a second spin cycle to make up for this, but the protein shaker bottle will still mix the powder well.

The protein shaker bottle mixes my casein very well. Although this is my first time using dymatize casein. However, the protein shaker bottle will not leave a large chunk of protein like I have experienced before. It is never pleasant to drink :) I have accidentally dropped from a high height onto concrete when carrying too many items. The lid popped open, so I lost my protein (but I might be surprised if this didn't happen) but it seemed to be ok except for the scratches caused by hitting the concrete. There is no crack, this is what I handled from the GNC electric shaker bottle. I want to say give this electric shaker bottle a chance

I usually fill up with 12 ounces of water and a few ice cubes and click once to start spinning. This is a 30-second spinning timer; this is the best time to add my powder. Different pressures determine the rotation timer and stop. In addition, there are 8 LED lights on the base, which can be lit to show rotation. Very cool and surprisingly powerful spin, absolutely effective. There is a rechargeable base that can be lit to show the battery level. When you press and hold the button, the protein shaker bottle will light up briefly to show the battery level or press to turn on the rotation animation of the protein shaker bottle. Definitely recommend!



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