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Improve deep squat stability: two movements recommended!

  On the many movement requirements of the deep squat, stability is one of the most important factors, and good stability is your guarantee of safe and effective deep squat training!

  Usually unstable in the following ways?

  Center of gravity: leaning forward or backward; left or right offset

  Movement of the spine (bending, hyperextension, lateral flexion, rotation)

  When you have the above conditions, it is difficult to lift the weight safely

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  You need a good core stability

  1. During the squat, you need knee and hip coordination to control the center of gravity always in the foot, so that the barbell is always straight up and down

  2. At the same time we need all the muscles around the spine to work in perfect coordination to ensure a neutral spine.

  There are many ways to improve the stability of the squat, the most common being to add some instability to the squat process to force your body to have to stabilize.

  Today we'll give you two good tips

  1. squat to the bottom for anti-rotation exercises!

  Use a T-barbell, then stay at the bottom of the squat and perform a left to right rotation of the barbell!

  The rotation of the barbell will add some external instability, and you need to work very hard to control your spine not to appear lateral flexion, rotational movements, while external resistance will also try to make your center of gravity shift from side to side, you have to control it, steady to maintain stability!

  2. use kettlebells or dumbbells in deep squats for forward thrusts!

  Improve your ability to keep your torso straight and maintain tension during the squat!

  The forward pushing motion creates a forward leaning impulse to keep the balance of the squat while keeping the torso straight. You need to work hard to tighten your core muscles, control your stability, and let your torso resist it and not let it lean forward.



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